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Should Professors Also Have Their Special Dress Code? Creative Essay (Essay Sample)


writing an argumentative essay of whether Should Professors Also Have Their Special Dress Code?


Should Professors Also Have Their Special Dress Code?
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Special Dress Code for Professors
Students should continue wearing uniforms, but the policy should not be introduced to professors. The idea of a unique form of dressing for learners could be traced back to England in 1222 when learning institutions demanded that all pupils ought to attend class sessions in a specific robe. Today, policymakers argue that maintaining the practice helps to foster unity, cohesion, and equality among learners. Some observers have proposed that the trend should be extended to tutors since it would lead to similar benefits. Although pupils appear smart and organized in uniforms, professors should not wear any dress code because it would portray them as indecisive, interfere with their autonomy, and affect their productivity.
Teachers, unlike, students are responsible enough to make a professional judgment on the appropriate dressing style that conforms to a school’s standards, but uniforms would betray this quality. School administrators introduced a unique dressing code for learners to address many issues that bedeviled most learning institutions. In particular, distracted learning and unbalanced dressing influenced the top teachers’ decision. Additionally, uniforms are positively associated with equitable, disciplined, and blended learning, which prevent the prevalence of antisocial behaviors, such as bullying (Bowman, 2015). However, tutors do not struggle with such conducts. As a result, it is unnecessary to force them to be in any clothing.

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