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The Alchemist Creative Writing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


the paper was about creative writing concerning a proverb in a novel known as the alchemist


Reflection Paper
The alchemist stated that "It's not what enters men's mouths that's evil; it is what comes out of their mouth that is." In the context of the story, the proverb reveals the truth about the nature of human beings. They tend to presume that what is absorbed from the surrounding milieu is the one that defines an individual. Nonetheless, the reality is that how we utilize that information is what defines us. It is undeniable that words have the power to cause injury and to remedy it. The reason why I preferred this proverb over the others is that if a person understands his heart, he will always try to escape from its wishes, but listening to it makes one no to be anxious over an unexpected blow (Coelho 128-129). The proverb is mainly centered on Santiago, who decided to listen to his heart and pursue his dream. In doing so, he found the reassure for the reason that he believed being a shepherd his entire life is useless. I do think the proverb is wise. However, I do not agree with its universal because the same Santiago did not listen to his heart after he was raided within the market.

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