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Asynchronous Online Discussion Education Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Differentiate aoc from aod and blended learning.


1 Asynchronous Online Discussion (AOD) are online discussions that happens independently of time and space. Students do not have to be online everyday to catch up with lessons. Since the handouts are posted and ready-made, students can just access it anytime. The discussions do not happen in real time and each student could study on their own pace and discuss their opinions on a discussion board for other students to review as well. Similar to AOD, Asynchronous Online Courses (AOC) also provide the students the convenience of learning based on their own pace. Teachers would have to construct their syllabus in a way that it can still elicit knowledge from students. Usually, teachers give out handouts, videos, and other resources they think is applicable for the topic. Blended Instruction on the other hand is a combination of face-to-face learning and asynchronous learning. There will be times where students and instructors will see face-to-face to deliver instruction and to elicit knowledge. In this type of learning, there is more interaction with student-student and student-instructor. One can be familiar of the other. Unlike asynchronous learning, instructors have the freedom to decide whether to assess learning face-to-face or online. Both types of learning elicit information to students. How students learn is not based on what type of learning is used. It is a joint effort between students and instructors. Instructors giving proper explanation, instructions, and assessment to students, and students putting effort in learning from the instruction regardless if they are face-to-face or not.

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