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Data Collection Tools and Data Analysis Test (Essay Sample)


Data Collection, Analysis, And Tests Significance.
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Data Collection, Analysis, And Tests Significance.
Data collection tools refer to the devices used to amass and gather information for analysis or storage. They include paper surveys, phones, and digital cameras. Data analysis in quantitative research involves quantifying data using statistical analysis and techniques. Data analysis tests include paired t-tests, ANOVA tests, Z-tests, F-tests, and chi square-test amongst others. In nursing research, ANOVA tests and paired t-tests are normally used because they have similar data assumptions.
Data Collection Tools In Quantitative Research.
Data collection tools refer to the devices used to amass and gather information for analysis or storage. Shipway et al. (2020) shows that data collection tools in quantitative research largely depend on the time allocated for the collection of the data and the volume of data to be collected. This is because quantitative data is measurable numerical data, helping the researcher to test hypotheses, confirm theories, and to give conclusive reports.
A paper survey is usually distributed to onsite respondents, meaning the researcher will go home with the collected data. The obvious advantage of this tool over an online questionnaire is that it generates a higher response rate and it is believed that the respondents are more honest. It also allows the researcher to understand the strengths and limitations of the

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