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Dealing with Trouble-makers in Public Schools (Essay Sample)


Discuss the mechanisms of dealing with trouble-makers in public schools. how should educational stakeholders deal with troublesome learners? INCLUDE INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION PARAGRAPHS. EACH PARAGRAPH SHOULD START WITH A TOPIC SENTENCE AND END WITH A CONCLUSION SENTENCE. THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF WORDS IS 300 AND THE MAXIMUM IS 400.


Dealing with Troublemakers in Public High Schools
Troublemakers disrupt the smooth learning process in public high schools. Chaotic students orchestrate violent waves that lead to the destruction of property. Indiscipline in public learning institutions catalyzes poor performance and gradual social decay. The government shows little concern about the conduct of students. Teachers may be willing to maintain discipline in their schools, but the government discredits efficient mechanisms like corporal punishment. The tutors are left with minimal options like issuing suspension letters, involving the parents, and initiating counselling sessions, among other forms of internal punishment (Nurhasanah & Nida, 2016). Guidance and counselling remain the most outstanding mechanisms for dealing with troublemakers in public high schools.
Tutors use guidance and counselling sessions to demonstrate the essence of good conduct in high schools. According to Slavin & Smith (2019), the primary objective of counselling is to assist students in dealing with emotional difficulties. The learners are advised to control their feelings and actions. Through counselling, students evade maladjusted conduct and fulfil their potential (Slavin & Smith, 2019). The counsellor also creates awareness and knowledge that help the students to confront social inadequacy.

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