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Difficulties of teaching English as a second language Education Essay (Essay Sample)


The sample is about the difficulties most teachers undergo in teaching English as a second language.


Difficulties of teaching English as a second language
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Difficulties of teaching English as a second language
The English language is the most widely spoken language globally. Opportunities in business, global trades, technology and education are markedly improved after learning the English language. Additionally, Derakhshan and Shirmohammadli (2015, p. 102) described the fundamental role of English as a communication channel. In cases where English is not the first language, teaching of the language has proved problematic since most of the students hardly use the language in real-life situations. In order to mitigate the challenges of teaching the English language as a second language, teachers are encouraged to be innovative in their teaching strategies (Nunn, 2011, p. 56). Finding the best and appropriate method to teach these students is always the biggest challenge for the teachers. Speaking, listening, writing, reading and all other skills of students should be paid enough attention by teachers since the teaching profession is a multidimensional process.
The need to operate and communicate in an unaccustomed culture and language makes it essential for immigrants to English-speaking nations to learn the English language. Nonetheless, learning the English language can prove to be an arduous challenge to some of the immigrants and over time, they may have made very little headway. Similarly, students of English as a second language (ESL) can achieve significant proficiency levels of the English language (Derakhshan and Shirmohammadli, 2015, p. 102).
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