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Income Inequality (13 Essential Social Justice Themes for the 2010s) (Essay Sample)


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(13 Essential Social Justice Themes for the 2010s)
.) What is the film/documentary/paper on? Summarize it in 1/2 to 2/3 of a page
2.) How is the film/documentary/paper related to our class readings lectures and discussions?
3.) What is your position on the film/documentary/paper? Did you think it was a waste of time? Or did you find it helpful in understanding the readings and lectures of the class?


Income Inequality (13 Essential Social Justice Themes for the 2010s)
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Income Inequality (13 Essential Social Justice Themes for the 2010s)
What the Documentary is About
The documentary 13 Essential Social Justice Themes for the 2010s reflects the films depicting major issues affecting the society and were produced between 2010 and 2019, particularly focusing on race matters and social justice (Scruggs, 2020). They ranged from very personal documentaries to historical dramas, which served to point out the social, cultural, and political agitation such as racial and economic inequality that affected the current state of living. Moreover, the films have helped trace how past actions are haunting the daily lives of people today.
The Interrupters is a 2011 documentary directed by Steve James whose characters are three Chicagoans affected by the crime and are devoted to working extremely hard to prevent crime in their country (Scruggs, 2020). In 2012, Ken Burns released Central Park Five, a documentary that looked into the black and Latinx boys at the center of the Central Park jogger rape case (Scruggs, 2020). Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland is a 2018 film that explores Bland’s death in 2015 while in police custody (Scruggs, 2020). The police violence towards black women has often been left out of the conversation. If Beale Street Could Talk is an ultimate story of how it is difficult to survive as a black person. Other films include Selma, Strong Island, and Evolution of a Criminal, to mention a few.
How the Documentary is Related to the Class Readings and Discussions
The documentary is directly related to the class readings and has helped gain more depth in matters concerning social inequality. The society has faced injustices for a long time, and the documentary was a depiction of such problems. The discussions about unequal opportunities and rewards for the different social classes have been captured in the documentary. Indeed, the culture of violence and bias towards the black defines America today. The central park case involving the black teenage boys tells a powerful story of inequality and how a black person is often oppressed. The film, alternated between interviews, photos, and footage. The alleged perpetrators served many years in prison mainly because of their color and the prejudice resulting from the case. The most devastating fact is that they spent time behind bars for a crime they did not commit.
According to discussions held in class concerning social inequality, people’s ethnic background dictates how they are treated in society. The 2017 documentary named Strong Island by Yance Ford explores a life of grief where a family moves to New York hoping for a better life but faces the worst nightmare as the city's residences (Scruggs, 2020). Ford’s brother was shot to death but the grand jury decided that no crime was committed because

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