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Efficiency in Language: Oral Language and Communicative Strategies (Essay Sample)


Oral language forms the foundation of reading comprehension and affects our understanding of the symbol systems that are used for reading and writing. Teachers have opportunities to promote reading and writing through various activities that involve oral language such as group activities that engage students in conversations about what they read and write.
Review the following case study to inform the assignment below:
Student: Raymond
Age: 6.1
Grade: K
Raymond is having difficulty mastering basic reading skills and his teacher is concerned. Most of the students are able to rhyme CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. However, Raymond is having difficulty identifying rhyming words. He can match all upper and lower case letters and can identify all upper case letters. Raymond has trouble with lower case letters, he mixes up /b/ and /d/, /g/ and /j/, /m/ and /n/, and /p/ and /q/.
His teacher is also concerned about Raymond’s comprehension skills. He enjoys listening to stories and is able to identify the characters and setting of the story. He is able to identify what happened at the beginning and at the end of the story, but has difficulty sequencing the middle of a story.
His teacher has spoken with his parents about the possible need for additional support and his parents have agreed to help at home with any activity the teacher sends home. The following are goals for Raymond to achieve:
Given a list of CVC words, Raymond will match the rhyming words.
Given a CVC word, Raymond will produce rhyming words.
Identify lower case letters.
After listening to a story, Raymond will identify the main ideas.
After listening to a story, Raymond will sequence three or four events.
Case scenario used with permission from The Iris Center.
In a 500-750 word essay, describe the effect of oral language on decoding, reading comprehension, and written expression. In addition, describe communicative strategies that teachers can use to improve Raymond’s reading and written expression skills. Your essay should include:
A discussion with examples about how oral language affects decoding, reading comprehension, and written expression.
Describe at least two communicative strategies that can be used to develop Raymond’s reading skills. Explain how these strategies improve decoding and comprehension.
Describe at least two communicative strategies that can be used to develop Raymond’s written expression skills. Explain how these strategies improve the quality of writing samples.
At least two examples of assistive technology that could be used to support the development of Raymond’s reading and writing skills.
Include at least three scholarly sources to support your essay.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Student's Name
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Having efficacy in oral reading has a significant influence on the accomplishment of a child’s academic, personal life, and self-esteem. (Contini-Morava, Kirsner, & Rodriguez-Bachiller, 2004). Oral language conversation is a complex process which requires the coordination of the upper case and lower-case letters. Professionals consider decoding and the fluency as the basics of oral reading comprehension, especially with students with difficulties in verbal language.
oral language
Children and students learn languages by following the mode of usage of words in within their close environment, especially by their parents and caregivers (Contini-Morava, Kirsner, & Rodriguez-Bachiller, 2004). Therefore, when a person to close children mispronounces a word or makes use of improper grammar, the children are likely to adopt the improper language
. Oral language aids in the development of vocabularies concepts and enhances the ability to acknowledge which consonants and syllables to use in certain words and the order in which they follow each other. As such, oral language determines the correctness and the incorrectness of words when put down in writing.
Oral language in young children influences children’s ability to write and uphold comprehensive communication both in reading and writing in their futures. As such, difficulties in verbal languages can be used to project future possibilities of children having difficulties in reading and writing. It is, therefore, imperative that children can make use of the verb tense in oral language as the knowledge influences the children's ability to learn the written language.
Raymond suffers from both phonemic and phonology disorders. The various strategies that are useful in the treatment and management of the disorders include phonological and phonemic awareness therapies. Phonemic awareness helps in 

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