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Lesson Plan for Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders (Essay Sample)


Designing a lesson plan for students with EBD.


Lesson Plan for Students with Emotional/ Behavioral Disorders
Feelings and Emotions/ Social Emotional Literacy
Topic: Feelings
1 The students will develop skills for using more precise words for identifying their feelings (, 2013).
2 Enable the students to understand that different people have different feelings to similar conditions.
CCCS Standard Addressed: Grade level 3+
Materials used:
* Whiteboard with markers
* Blank paper and pencil for each child
* Facts about Feelings – Teacher’s copy
* Situations list – Teacher’s copy
* Hook
Ask the children to name their best friends. Give them this scenario: "Imagine you are playing your favorite video game with your best friend. All of a sudden, your friend throws his joystick down and tells you that he no longer wants to play with you." Ask the children how they would feel. You may let them discuss the situation for a while.
* Steps in Activity
1 Distribute blank paper and instruct students to skip a line and write numbers from 1 to 10.
2 Ask the students to listen to each situation and five possible reactions for each and identify the feeling that best represents how they would react to the same situation.
3 Tally children’s answers on the whiteboard.
4 After tallying all situations, help children in translating numerical information into words. For example, ask questions like: "on the fourth situation, which feeling was the most frequent?" Ask many questions of the same nature to ensure the children have understood properly. Then, help them in drawing conclusions.
5 Continue the discussion about feelings by helping the children distinguish between pleasant and unpleasant emotions (Curtis et al, 2005). Alternatively, children can rank emotions from the most intense to the least intense. It is at this point that children should be made to understand the importance of defining their emotions in a more precise way.
6 The children should summarize the information by asking themselves what they have learnt about feelings in this lesson.
List of Situations
1 Your mother refuses to grant you permission to visit your best friend. You feel: a. devastated b. grievedc. annoyed d. deflatede. exasperated
2 It is your birthday, and you are only thinking about that video game that you want so badly. You feel: a. impatient b. hopeful c. cheerful d. obsessed e. edgy
3 You find spots. You feel: a. jubilant b. thankful c. surprised d. eased e. boastful
4 While dribbling in football, you slip and lose the ball, you feel: a. guilty b. dismayed c. embarrassed d. exhausted e. antagonistic
5 You cannot find your school bag, and the school bus is already waiting for you. You feel: a. serene b. nervous c. exasperated d. choleric e. obsessed
6 Your best friend tells you he does not want to play with you. You feel: a. curious b. betrayed c. offended d. disillusioned e. ambivalent
7 You got a C in your grammar test. You feel: a. argumentative b. discouraged c. calmed d. disappointed e. determined
8 A fellow child calls you an idiot in front of others. You feel: a. vindictive b. ashamed c. heartbroken d. indifferent e. humiliated
9 You see a kid carrying a kitten by its ears. You feel: a. astonished b. detached c. horrified d. indignation e. hostile
10 Your favorite dog goes missing for several hours. You feel: a. st...
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