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Factors Contributing to Truancy in School-Going Children (Essay Sample)


Truancy refers to the act of intentionally skipping school or being absent from school without a valid reason. There are several factors that can hasten the rate of truancy, including:
Lack of engagement or interest in school: Students who are not engaged or interested in their studies are more likely to skip school. This could be due to various reasons such as a lack of challenging coursework, a negative school environment, or a lack of support from teachers or peers.
Family problems: Family problems such as domestic violence, parental divorce, or financial issues can cause stress and anxiety in children, which may lead them to skip school.
Peer pressure: Students who feel pressured by their peers to skip school or engage in risky behaviors may be more likely to be truant.
Mental health issues: Students who struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression may find it challenging to attend school regularly.
Substance abuse: Students who are using drugs or alcohol may skip school to avoid detection or to indulge in substance use.
Bullying: Students who are victims of bullying may skip school to avoid their bullies.
Overall, addressing these underlying issues through appropriate interventions and support can help reduce the rate of truancy and promote regular school attendance.


Factors Contributing to Truancy in School-Going Children
Truancy, defined as an unauthorized absence from school, is a significant issue that affects many school-going children. Various factors can contribute to truancy, including individual, family, and school-related factors.
Individual factors refer to characteristics of the student that can influence their attendance. These factors include mental health issues, substance abuse, and lack of motivation or interest in school. Students with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and 

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