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Game based learning Education Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


For the discussion in this course you will post one thread of at least 600 words. Your posts must
demonstrate course-related knowledge and you are to support your assertions with at least 4
scholarly research articles in APA format.
After reviewing the content and links for this week, discuss some of the advantages and
disadvantages in using gaming, game based learning, and gamification to enhance learning
Consider 3 or more important questions such as:
 Can a game effectively educate on its own?
 How are three approaches (gaming, game based learning, and gamification) different?
 What learning theories or instructional approaches might inform the design and use of
games for learning?
 What are the roles of the instructor when implementing video games for learning?
 Should educational game designers try to compete with commercially produced
games when educational designers lack the resources to produce the same levels of
quality and engagement?
Incorporate a minimum of 4 research articles in your response and provide examples and links
where possible.
Plan your paper structure well. Very precise introduction and thesis (max 70 words), body
(discuss the prompt adequately, 450 words) and conclude by summarizing key ideas
discussed/recommendation (70 words max).


Game-Based Learning
Game-Based Learning
This essay discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using gaming, game-based learning, and gamification to improve learning potentials. Many scholars note that instructors use different teaching approaches and methods to ensure learners remain motivated, engaged, and active in learning. Game-based learning can be used to improve both learning and teaching. Currently, the integration of Game-based learning in teaching is one of the main trends in enhancing learning abilities. It creates a fun and exciting learning environment.
A game effectively educates on its own, but it also has some advantages and disadvantages if not correctly used with instructor guidance. Game-based learning effectively improves learning and teaching by including games in learning instructions and knowledge. Game-based learning has well-designed and implemented learning tasks combining the educational system's learning objectives with fun and instant feedback (Dicheva et al., 2015). These strategies are effective in teaching by making learners interact, communicate, and work in teams. Besides that, a strategic game enhances brain functioning and helps learners build an emotional connection to learning. However, a game has some challenges to instructor teaching approaches when dealing with different learning abilities, preferences, and personalities. For instance, having big expectations of everything digital, students wish for numerous activities, surprises, rewards, and humor to improve their interest in learning, but finding new ways to keep learners active and engaged in learning is one of the main disadvantages nowadays.

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