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Negative Effects Of Global Warming Education Essay (Essay Sample)




Negative Effects of Global Warming
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Negative Effects of Global Warming
Global warming denotes the long-term heating of the climate system of the earth due to human activities (NASA, 2020; Rouabah, 2018). Romm (2018) lists such human factors as the burning of fossil fuel and deforestation that increase the levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Romm estimated that the earth’s temperatures have risen on average by 0.85 degrees Celsius since 1900. Consequently, global warming has disrupted weather patterns and extreme weather events have become frequent (Rouabah, 2018). While climate change is affecting every aspect of human life, rising sea levels, warm and acidic oceans, and extreme weather events will have devastating effects on human settlement and economic activities.
First, global warming has led to rising sea levels. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (2016), the arctic average temperatures have been rising twice as fast as those in other parts of the earth. Consequently, the warming atmosphere has seen mountain glaciers, ice sheets, and sea ice quickly melt. Additionally, warmer temperatures result in water expansion (Romm, 2018). The global sea-level has been recorded to be rising by 0.13 inches every year, and projected to rise faster in the future (National Geographic Society, 2015; Romm, 2018). By 2100, the Natural Resources Defense Council (2016) postulates that seas and oceans will be 1- 4 feet higher, becoming threats to low-lying areas and coastal systems. In conclusion, the rising sea levels due to global warming will result in the displacement of people living in coastal areas.

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