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Comparison between ptolemaic and corpenican system Education Essay (Essay Sample)


Make a comparison between the Copernican and Ptolemaic system and their dynamics


Ptolemaic System And the Copernican System
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October 25, 2020
Many different approaches and perceptions have taken astronomy from time immemorial. New scientific discoveries have a way of disapproving old models and shedding light on the new systems that could better explain concepts more objectively. Even though the Copernican Framework and the Ptolemaic Framework appear common knowledge, there was a massive debate that needed clarification because they both stand for different ideas.
The framework that performed a complete overhaul of the existing paradigm was the Copernican system. The Copernican model is a Sun-centered universe framework with planets revolving around the sun, coined by Copernicus and introduced in 1543. As Carman (2018) suggests, Astronomy's most remarkable change is the migration from thinking of geocentrism to a system of heliocentrism; this new knowledge reshaped the way we view our solar system.

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