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Multiple Intelligences Education Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


This sample discusses the importance of understanding multiple INTELLIGENCE among nursing students and developing collaborative learning techniques and opportunities that can benefit all learners regardless of their individual abilities.


Multiple Intelligences
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Multiple Intelligences
The concept of Multiple Intelligences describes the various ways in which students gain knowledge. Essentially, the clarity of the concept proposes that everyone has their way of acquiring knowledge and intellect. The theory suggests that human wisdom can be divided into eight distinct forms: visual-spatial, musical-rhythmic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, bodily-kinetics, verbal-linguistics, and logical mathematics. Hence, the scope of all these methods is based on the importance of nature, numbers, words, visuals, social interactions, the utilization of music, introspection, and physical movement.
Importance of Understanding Multiple Intelligences
Historically, nursing educators have struggled to create collaborative learning opportunities that appeal to their learners' distinct needs. Comprehension of multiple intelligences is critical during the design of a classroom, accompanied by the primary activities of learning in the nursing class; this concept proves to be useful in training nurses because the teacher can differentiate every student's needs and respond to them in the most appropriate ways (Lane, 2010). Hence, the concept appreciates the fact that learners possess diverse learning abilities. For instance, some students are good at mathematics, some in music, and others in physical education; thus, teachers should employ different techniques and activities to convey information to their students.

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