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Multidimensional Models of Leadership Education Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was describing multidimensional model of leadership. this sample is about who a leader is, the model of leadership and transformational leadership in relationship to the model.


Multidimensional Models of Leadership
Leadership is the capacity of someone to lead. The leader has two main roles: ensuring the group's wishes are fulfilled and ensuring the demands of the group are satisfied. Much research has been conducted to study leadership, and two main theories help in elaborating leadership.
Multidimensional Model of Leadership
This model is purposely developed for physical activities and sports. The model argues that leadership styles will differ depending on the constraints of the athletes' situation and behaviors. This model has three antecedents, which show that team performance becomes better if the leader meets the team's satisfaction (Rodrigues & Saldanha 2016). Leadership and Satisfaction in Young Athletes: three antecedents determine testing Leader’s behavior: Situational Characteristics- entail leader’s performance depending on the environment, including whether the team is social or elite, focusing on team sports or individual, large or small and games relative importance. Leader Characteristics- entails personal qualities, skills, past experiences, decision-making skills, temperament, and expected standards. Members Characteristics- involves age, gender, cultural backgrounds, skill level, motivation, and experiences of members of the team that is being led (Jowett & Arthur, 2019).

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