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Extra-curricular Activities can Influence Students’ Future Career (Essay Sample)


Discuss how Extra-curricular Activities can Influence Students’ Future Career


Discuss how Extra-curricular Activities can Influence Students’ Future Career
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Discuss how Extra-curricular Activities can Influence Students’ Future Career
Extra-curricular activities have a significant influence on student's success both out of college and when in college. The activities form an essential aspect for students as it helps students develop helpful skills, which might be required when looking for a job. There are different extra-curricular activities in schools, which are usually organized activities. These activities include athletics, dancing, scouting, theater, student council, and club sports. There is also emphasis on student's importance in various extra-curricular activities from studies offered at schools. Student's participation in extra-curricular activities can influence the student's future, depending on how he/she gets involved in the activities outside the classroom. Student’s participation in extracurricular activities is linked to social and academic success. Despite student's engagement in these activities being important, too much involvement in the activities might waste much of the student's time, which might negatively affect students' academic performance.

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