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Identification of Appropriate Medias and Technology That Are Essential in the Field of Humanities (Essay Sample)


the task required an identification of appropriate medias and technology that are essential in the field of humanities.
this sample identifies various medias essential in supporting teaching and how they suport content and skill development.


Humanities expert
Humanities include disciplines such as history, arts, literature, and philosophy. (George et al., 2011). The rapid growth and change of the world into a field of technology thereby forces all these disciplines to conform to transitions and incorporate ideas that support effective learning. Teachers have the responsibility to constantly finding ways of associating and linking instructions with these resources to enhance the learning situations in classrooms. The resources evaluated in this paper include social platforms, movies, and newspapers.
Social platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Snapchat. They are more common and used by a large mass of people around the world. These platforms are essential for passing a wide range of information and therefore educational content can be shared and also retrieved from them. Students of art classes can post their works on these platforms. Exposure to diverse educational content will enhance the exchange of ideas and increase creativity among learners.
The second resource is the use of movies. It can be defined as a picture in motion. Teachers can use this resource to help explain their contents and help develop the skills of their learners who want to perhaps venture into the filming industry. Fletcher (2019), also helps develop the imagination levels of learners through reality depiction. In this case, the trouble of geographical setup does not hinder learning as the reality of the fort Jesus can be brought in during a history class.
Lastly is the newspaper. It includes all printed media on various subjects like lifestyles, fashion, literature, and philosophy. (Egbert et al.,2002). Exposure to these resources when giving instruction helps add more weight to content and also exposes the learners to a reality of practice. For instance, students who venture into writing

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