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Understanding Issues Brief and its Sections (Essay Sample)


Paper instructions:
Issues Brief
An issue brief is a short, neutral summary of what is known about a particular issue or problem. A brief distills a large amount of information into a few pages that is clear, succinct and richly informative. The brief synthesizes information from multiple sources so that the reader can quickly come to understand the heart of the issue and its context. Your issue brief must be focused, easy to read, and evidence-based. You may divide your page into columns, so it resembles an informational pamphlet if you are using graphics to present more information.
The following outlines the sections of the brief you will include:
1.Statement of the issue:Present the issue/ question/ problem clearly
2.Define the issue:i) Present the history of the issue succinctly. Ensure you include relevant information to allow the reader to understand the context for the current issue, ii) Present what you learned about the issue succinctly. This section is dense in information and will take several attempts to write. Include citations from your research, you may use bullet points, tables, graphs or other visual aids.
3.Present legal or other considerations (rules, legislation etc.) Discuss the link between the legal considerations and the issue.
4.Implications for next steps. In addition to presenting facts about your topic you will present implications to change/ alter or improve the issue. Implications for next steps must be based on the content you read rather than what your personal opinion. How should decision makers move forward? Support your conclusions with evidence (i.e., reference published works). This is not personal opinion. This section requires you to analyze and interpret the issue rather than simply describe the issue. Provide citations as you present next steps. Read enough information to find a consensus in the literature, don’t simply present solutions or next steps presented by the first 4 authors you read.
5.References and professional writing: At least four high quality and appropriately recent references are included. Professional writing style is used (spelling, grammar, use of people first language).


Issues Brief
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Issues Brief
Throughout human history, disabled people have faced a lot of disadvantages in the society through social exclusion and discrimination. During the 1970s, these disadvantages against disabled people begun to be considered as concerned with human rights issues instead of matters that need to be exclusively addressed by social welfare initiatives. Shifting from social welfare measures to human rights based approach is evident through various legislations on statute books that are growing in numbers and human rights instruments in various countries across the globe. Despite that much has been done, still much remains undone in relation to the training and employment of people with disabilities. More legislation needs to be implemented while others are amended to ensure disabled individuals get their rights as citizens.
For the past five decades, laws, policies and public attitudes towards disabled people have witnessed a significant change. Historically, disability has been seen as a defect that hinders an individual from taking part in normal life activities. The defect can be due to a physical or mental condition from a either an illness or accident. The attitudes towards these people ranged from secluding or protecting them to concerns that their abilities are diminished and might not be addressed by societal accommodation.

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