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Knowledge, Skills, and Sociology of Education in Improving Quality of Learning (Essay Sample)


discussion on how innovative knowledge and skills can be used to enhance teacher professionalization, how knowledge and skills from the study of the sociology of education can be used to curb COVID-19 impact on education and the centrality of research in the sociology of education in improving the quality of learning outcomes.


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1.Using appropriate illustrations, discuss how innovative knowledge and skills can be used to enhance teacher professionalization.
Teacher professionalization is the movement to upgrade the status, working conditions, professional development and experience through the training of a teacher. Innovative knowledge and skills can be used to enhance teacher professionalization through the creation of professional development opportunities that strengthen teacher collaboration, provision of ongoing support for teachers, and investing in high-quality educators. It also focuses on promoting teachers with low income and crisis contexts such as learners, individuals and professionals.
Collaboration enhances the culture of knowledge sharing and trust, which increases teacher effectiveness. It includes plans which promote and lead to active and effective teacher learning communities. Skills such as communication help to hold a productive team type of working method enhances teacher professionalism as teachers are able to improve each other experience in the profession. The knowledge of teacher support helps the teacher move to a classroom setting from a professional development setting. It includes supervisory and peers support, administrative and availing resources. A teacher who receives teacher support is able to apply new strategies and skills in the industry. High-quality educators are at the onset of the teachers’ profession. Implementing agencies, for example, are to provide quality teacher trainers. This is to equip the teacher with skills with are relevant in the profession.
2. Using relevant examples, discuss the centrality of research in the sociology of education in improving the quality of learning outcomes.
The centrality of research in the sociology of education helps in improving the quality of learning outcomes. With knowledge in research and methodological skills improves quality learning outcomes as students are able to design high-quality original research papers which are applicable. Graduates comprehensive understanding of social processes when they have cognitive skills. With the skill of oral communication, graduates can communicate clearly and in a range of contexts and using appropriate media, and they can both work in and lead group discussions and participate in tasks involving communicative competence. Equipped with critical skills, students exercise critical awareness dealing with social issues, engaging specific debates, and learning to recog

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