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Lesson Plan on Culture (Essay Sample)

Design a lesson plan for an elementary school that teaches students (or employees) about different cultures. At a minimum, include the following categories in your lesson plan: Objectives, Procedures, Reading Assignments, Materials, and Assessment. In addition, attach an assessment that you will use to determine if the students learned from your lesson. Use the template attached. Your lesson plan must be entirely original. Please provide a title page, citations, and reference page for this assignment. source..
Lesson Plan on Culture Student name: Course: Institution: Professor: Date:   Lesson Plan on Culture LESSON PLAN FORMAT Subject: Lesson Plan Title: Time Frame: Learner Description/Level: Standards Assessed: Objective: Students will be able to understand what culture is and identify their own, explain how cultures can be different and how they can be the same and show respect for other cultures  Procedures Event Method/Media Instructional Treatment or Strategy Gain Attention of Learner  I will begin the lesson by showing the class a video clip about a different culture. I would then ask the class if they can guess which country the clip is from.  I will use an opening activity. We will be singing a song about cultures from around the world. As we sing the song, we will be pointing to different countries on a map. Inform Learner of Objective  I will use a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the concept of culture to my elementary school students.  I will introduce the concept of culture and brainstorm with students what culture means to them and then I will have students share their own cultural background and traditions with the class. Stimulate Recall of Prerequisites  I will get the students to draw a picture of themselves and their family and then I will discuss with the class the different elements of culture that are present in the picture.  I will to use a review game. This can be done with flashcards, a game of memory, or even a quiz. I will then engage the learners to do a short activity that reviews the culture. Present Stimulus Material  I will use a multimedia approach. I will do this using a simple overhead projector. I will also use a more hands-on approach, such as having the children make their own cultural artifacts or foods.  I will use visual aids. This will include using pictures, videos, or even physical objects to help children understand and learn about different cultures. I will also provide opportunities for children to interact with each other and with adults from different cultures, through classroom activities. Provide Learning Guidance  I will use books, video, and interactive games to help teach children about different cultures around the world. I will also use real-life examples and stories to help illustrate the concepts.  I will use the instructional strategy of providing learning guidance to help elementary school children learn about culture. This strategy involves providing students with information and resources that will help them understand the concept of culture. Elicit Performance  I will use songs and stories. Songs are a great way to get children to learn about other cultures, as they can be catchy and easy to remember. Stories about other cultures can help children to understand the customs and beliefs of those cultures.  I will ask a question about culture and have children think about the answer on their own. They...
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