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Nature and Impacts of Cyber Threats and Counter-Measures of UAE Against them (Essay Sample)


Choose 1 out of the 10 threats listed below as a focal point for the case study
4 references required
1500 words maximum (excluding references)
I would like the essay to be written perfectly and I don’t want the English to be very complicated my level in English is 6 on ilets so don’t make the English so difficult to read.
I would like a strong explanation
For further information please read the rubric carefully and find what is needed exactly


National Security Threat
Student’s First Name, Middle Initial(s), Last Name
Institutional Affiliation
Course Number and Name
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Assignment Due Date
Briefly Describe the Nature of the Selected Threat:
Cybercrime, illegal acts perpetuated via computers and other networked devices, are ordinary in the UAE. The most common of these vulnerabilities include hacking, identity theft, money laundering, and theft of digital financial assets. The residents of such jurisdictions as the UAE have been shown to face a higher threat from cybercrime. The reason for this higher threat is because people in such countries have higher per capita incomes, making them an attractive target. Furthermore, people in such states are spending increasingly more time on their networked devices due to the realities imposed by COVID-19. For example, the 2020 data indicates that the UAE had over 9 million Internet users by early 2020. These statistics point to the UAE as being one of the countries with the highest Internet penetration Nonetheless, these high levels of penetration come with significant risks.
The laxity from UAE individuals and businesses dealing with cybercrime leaves these stakeholders in an incredibly vulnerable position. For example, (research) shows that the bulk of CEOs heading medium and small enterprises think that their businesses are immune from cyberattacks (Gavin 2020). However, the truth is that a reasonably unsophisticated malicious individual may be able to hack into their systems and compromise the business through ransom demands.
Current State of the Selected Threat
Identify and briefly explain 2 recent developments in relation to the

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