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Potential Outcomes and Impact of Remote Learning on Early Childhood Development (Essay Sample)


The task discusses Potential Outcomes and Impact That Remote Learning is Having on Early Childhood Development. The paper also discusses Remote learning and “Learn at home” initiative. The task have also explored Remote learning effects on social skills and development of linguistic skills . the essays sums up by discussing How remote learning affects learners’ socialization and development of language.


Remote Learning
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Potential Outcomes and Impact That Remote Learning is Having on Early Childhood Development
More than ever before, students are turning to remote learning to supplement their classroom education, thanks in large part to the recent epidemic (Britto et al., 2017). There has been a steady increase in the number of students using distance education, with some logging in an average of seven hours a day. As a result of the epidemic, preschoolers are already familiar with digital gadgets. Researchers are investigating how this children's education has impacted their social and cognitive abilities, either positively or negatively. There has been a rise in anxiety, despair, social isolation, uncertainties, loneliness, and pessimism among these learners (Muhdi, Nurkolis, & Yuliejantiningsih, 2020). The state's health authority dictated school shutdown guidelines. As the epidemic spread, several states and counties in the US used remote teaching and learning protocols. The "Learn at Home" initiative, as it was known at the time, was a state-mandated shift to remote learning for all public-school students. 

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