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Public Meeting Analysis (Essay Sample)


An analysis of a recently held public meeting was required. Individual\'s view about the meeting; formality, audience perception, experts present, administrators present together with the view of how they related.


Public Meeting Analysis
Public Meeting Analysis
Public meeting analysis entails a detailed investigation and conclusion about a meeting that was held in public. Most of these meetings concern experts who collect and answer issues raised by the public. They present the required information to the public as well as receive suggestions. I was privileged to attend a public meeting online on 1st April 2014. It was a public hearing on the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA) Section 907 organized by The Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDAA).
The main agenda in this meeting was to have a public hearing to obtain input on the issues and challenges associated with the collection, analysis, and availability of demographic subgroup data of sex, race or ethnicity, and age in applications for approval of FDA‐regulated medical products. The agency will thus use the data to have a plan that will be concerned with the public health.
Present in the meeting were quite a number of administrators. They included the Deputy Commissioner for Policy, Planning, and Legislation, Deputy Commissioner for Foods, Office of Foods, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Health Informatics Officer, and Assistant Commissioner for Policy and some more assistants. Some of these administrators gave out their speeches to the public both at the venue and online audience. They then answered questions that were raised by the audience. The online platform helped me to ask some questions concerning racism when it comes to drug administration. Fortunately, it was answered by the deputy commissioner for policing. It was a well given answer as he went further to insist on arrest and charge against those who practise that habit. Generally I liked the administration when it came to answering of questions from the public. They gave evident, extensive and clear information.
The general public audience constituted of health care professionals, patients and consumers, and members of the scientific and clinical research community including college students. Professionals on health were given the first chance to present their views. One doctor gave a presentation on behalf of them. One consumer and one researcher who was a university student also gave out their piece of interaction after which a question-answer session was given by the administration.
Questions were raised by the audience via three ways. Those who were present physically at the venue had to selected at random by raise of hand. Those who were streaming live like me, had to either to book in advance or just post the question or views on the comment section on their website forum. Despite the large audience that attended, the representatives of the agency were well equipped with infor...
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