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Student Discipline: Public School Law Education Essay (Essay Sample)


discuss the different corrective measures and their legal dimensions based on the provided article


Student Discipline: Public School Law
Active learning requires more than the provision of the right environment and hoping it will optimize learning outcomes. The actors must understand the limits, implications, and consequences of actions; because other than good grades, the school should teach how to leave harmoniously in the society and respect for those in authority. Appropriate behavior anchors on discipline, both on the part of the educator and learner. Failure to behave as expected may attract disciplinary actions that vary in severity. Nevertheless, the disciplinary tools at the disposal of teachers are regulated by the law thus complicating them greatly. This essay, therefore, discusses the different corrective measures and their legal dimensions in light of McCarthy, Cambron-McCabe, and Eckes’s “Public school law: Teachers' and students' rights.” Students are not lesser humans when they violate school rules and regulations; their fundamental rights must be preserved even when administering punishment.

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