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Should a college education be free for every one? Education Essay (Essay Sample)


this is an argumentative essay discussing whether or not college education should be free for all.


Should a college education be free for every one?
Education is necessary for the development of any country in the world. It facilitates the acquiring of economic and individual independence, helps in the acquiring of leadership qualities as well as enhancing equality amongst citizens of a particular country. The value of a good college education cannot therefore be gainsaid. In the United States, it’s estimated that higher education costs approximately US$ 9000 per student per year (Huelsman, 2015).
Most of the middle income families cannot therefore afford to fund their children through college. Even though there’s government funding towards university education in form of grants and loans, not all students are able to access this facility, hence making it difficult for them to complete college education. Education is one of the ways through which the gap between the rich and the poor is reduced by providing both with equal opportunities to improve their lives. It’s thus necessary that any hindrance to the attaining of this state of balance be dealt with. And this should be done through making college education free for all people (Huelsman, 2015).
Overall effect of student loan on college education

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