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Education And Especially On Students In A Changing World (Essay Sample)


The paper required to read and review many articles on education and especially on students in a changing world. The knowledge gained was to be used to come up with a question that is current and directly affects the well being of students in higher learning institutions. The question outlined was to be researched and critically analyzed to come up with relevant information from different authors on the same.


Students in a changing World
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Students in a changing World
Over the years, the education system has kept evolving by adopting new techniques and actions that have mixed reactions toward the well being of students. The evolution in the education system has impacted the current behaviour and actions exhibited by students in higher education. For instance, acts like lateness or leaving the classroom early, side conversations, cheating, inappropriate cell phone or laptop usage in the classroom have a direct impact on the behaviour and well being of students. Kowalski (2003) argues that the behaviours are taking over by spreading all over in many schools to the point of becoming a national disaster (Kowalski, 2003). In one way or the other, students lack a reason that will make them be committed and truthful to learning. In such a case, students improvise their learning techniques and methods so that to achieve the set goal and standards by their teachers and parents just for formalities. All this is because most students believe that they can make use of their skills in succeeding in life without having to go through the school system. However, the attitude of students can be altered by introducing a different form of learning in school that will attract student’s attention and keeps them on the watch to yearn for more without being forced. For instance, incorporating educational innovations and educational experiences in school that can mentor a student’s line of interest will have a significant impact on their attitude. At this point, a critical analysis of educational innovation and educational experiences will be done to find out how it impacts the learning activities of students in the changing world.
Innovation in Education
Innovation is the art of developing new, workable and straightforward techniques to be used in handling a particular aspect. Since the current education system poses to be an issue to students, new methods are designed with the aim of providing a new wave of tactics that may have positive and significant attributes to students in the changing world. Burnett and Bourne (2017) explain that students need to be treated and taught according to their capabilities. Teachers and trainers should also use various techniques that will make the student develop an interest in the subject in question and at the same time be able to give the student hands-on experience (Burnett & Bourne, 2017). For instance, using technology in teaching and training will make students develop an interest in the course they are taking unlike when the teacher uses an analog mode of education. Moreover, using student-cantered teaching has a significant effect on students in the classroom as the technique supports specialized training. Specialised training helps students develop their skills and strengths thus making it easy to help them scale the heights of education.
Englert, Tarrant, and Rozendal (2011) explain how educational innovation in schools can be achieved. Rozendal et al. argue that collaboration among students, teachers, and parents is one tactic that can be used to achieve education innovation (Englert, Tarrant, & Rozendal, 2011). The fact that teachers are the ones that teach and train students, it means that students have specific abilities and skills that are dormant which need to be boosted and pampered so that to be productive. In such a situation, students have the ideas that need to be facilitated and natured by both parents and teachers. Rozendal et al. explain that teacher-parent support promotes service learning that helps a student to develop a positive attitude towards education.
Different types of teaching models have mixed reaction to students in the changing world. In the current world, teaching models are in the position to either build or destroy the attitude of a student towards learning. Cipolla (2009) argues that categorization learning method can develop personal and specific attributes of a student. Cipolla explains that teachers need to create a hybrid curriculum for private and group lessons for college students (Cipolla, 2009). An individual curriculum will help the teacher get to know and understand the personal and specific capabilities of a student. A group curriculum is essential as the teacher is in the position to help students interact and share their personal and specific knowledge with others without shying off thus building their confidence. Creating and managing the teaching models in a proper manner has...
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