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Civil engineering management Engineering Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


A 3000 word report is to be prepared in the style of a working manual which is related to a work-based situation demonstrating the application of an appropriate civil engineering management system for a project or operation.


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The steady and rapid development in technological innovations has resulted in several remarkable changes in the world over the past few decades. The developments have had various effects on organizations and institutions in how they carry out their activities. The organizations therefore have the responsibility to always comply with the ever changing technological environments as they strive to meet their objectives and the needs of their customers. The customer needs also keep changing with time. The technological developments have had a strong impact on the civil construction industry. The players in this industry have therefore had to constantly adjust to new environments with a lot of competition from related companies and clients that make several expectations and demands. The changes have brought a real challenge to the players in this industry (Biazzo & Bernardi, 2013). They must decide on a more aggressive technique towards adopting competitiveness by modernizing and refining their management procedures while also adopting the use of appropriate technologies. The main intention is to provide high quality services and products and at favorable or reduced costs. There is greater need to fulfill the clients’ demands and offer them the correct products at the best prices.
In this environment, the civil engineering industry only has the following two options; they have an improved chance of succeeding in case they fully adapt their management to new technological conditions that focus ahead and towards the future or they could definitely fail if they persist on the old organizational systems that have been surpassed with time. The industry players therefore need to survive in the new environment and focus towards making an impact on the environment. This can be achieved by playing an active role in the improvements in the organizational structure through continuous innovation, adoption of new technologies and techniques of management. This is how an organization becomes a real player for the future. It must also be understood that adopting changes in the operational activities of an organization, there are possibilities that it could present opportunities and threats (Aggelogiannopoulos et al, 2012). As organizations prefer the second option, it certainly presents them with an improved opportunity to turn a challenging situation into their advantage. It is therefore understandable that the process of building the performance of a company strongly depends on two major components; having an adequate understanding of the new conditions and putting into practice the required adjustments.

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