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The Analysis Of What Brings Climate Change, Problems (Essay Sample)


the paper was about the analysis of what brings climate change, problems associated with climate change and how what can be done to reduce climate change


Climate change
Student’s name
Climate change is an adjustment of the typical climate conditions that are found in a given place. This can be the adjustment of the amount of rain a given place receives within a given year. It can also be the adjustment of seasonal temperatures that usually rise. Climate change can also be the change in the climate of the earth. This could be the change in the normal temperatures or even the change in rain or snow fall in some other places.
The patterns of the climate play a crucial role in the formation of regular systems of biology and also human economies and also the community that rely on them. Currently, the climate change or patterns cannot be predicted like in the past when the future was used to predict the future. The climate is changing with the impacts that are disruptive and this change is advancing at a very high rate compared to the past few years.
According to the scientific reports, the wide range of changes in the earth are caused by the increase of carbon iv oxide in the atmosphere and also other gases that trap the gases and this have led to the warming of the earth causing such changes. Such changes may include; sea levels rising, melting the ice and snow, events of heat get extreme, floods and rainfall. As it stands this, this changes will proceed and at some point they will have severe impact on human health, affect the natural forests, and pollute water and severe impact to other natural resources.
Most of the environmental systems being attached to the climate, they are likely to be highly affected by this climatic changes. It affects the way of living of the living organisms, plants and other creatures. For instance the availability of clean water and risks associated with wellbeing. For instance the change of time when the rain falls can have an impact on sprouting of the plants and set fruits. The hutching by insects can also be greatly affected by the climatic changes. Because of this, fertilization of the fruits can be affected, birds that usually migrate will also have a problem in getting the food to eat, drying of supplies of fresh water system.
In the recent past, the global temperatures have increased at a very high rate, some of the climate analysts have denied this. According to scientists, we must curb this emission of gases that cause global warming, otherwise, the temperatures will continue to rise and more effects will continue to be witnessed. This will have a great negative impact on our future generation that we see the suffering of both animals and plants.
The largest heat polluting factor in the United States is the formation of electricity through the burning of the fossil producing a lot of CO2 every year. The biggest burning pollutant is the burning of coal in burning power plants. The transportations systems comes second in terms of environmental pollution. For the country to prevent environmental change it should find a way to curb with this emissions. The implementation of the new technology of electricity have really assisted in the reduction of the emission of the gases. Another important development we need is to burn less gasoline while driving. This two advancements will see the great reduction of climate change.
The waves of heat are getting longer because of the temperatures increase frequently. This has also brought about droughts that come more frequently and heavy rainfall. As global warming intensifies in some parts of the world, people will get more troubled in the future with drought, direct change of climate and also heavier rainfall
More energies are being picked by tropical storms and for this reason temperature at oceans are getting warmer. In the recent years, thousands of deaths have been witnessed because of the climatic changes. If this continues for a while, it will be tragic foe living things survival.
China is leading in global warming according to statistics that were carried out recently while the United States comes second. The clean-up power plan that is being implemented in the recent will help to curb with the climatic change between now and 2030. The chemicals that produce carbon IV dioxide are being eliminated in the United States and will be no more in the coming years. The wind power projects that are being rai...
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