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Comparison between F-35 and Sukhoi Su 57 Aircraft (Essay Sample)


This was a comparative essay of the F-35 aircraft and the Sukhoi Su 57 aircraft. These two aircraft are by different manufacturers but are seemingly made for the same purpose of being fighter jets. Both aircraft are 5th generation and have different functionalities and capabilities. The analysis determined that the F-35 has superior stealth technology, situational awareness and sensor fusion. On the other hand, SU 57 has very high manoeuvrability and achieves a higher super cruise.


Comparison between F-35 and Sukhoi Su 57 Aircraft
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Comparison between F-35 and Sukhoi Su 57 Aircraft
Military operations all over the world use aircrafts for various purposes. These purposes as discussed by ADDIN EN.CITE Biswas201912Biswas (2019)121260Biswas, KanchanMilitary Aviation PrinciplesMilitary Engineering2019IntechOpen (2019) include active combat, jet fighters, bombers, multi-role combat, maritime patrol, and electronic warfare (EW). In this paper, a comparison between the F-35 fighter jet and the Sukhoi-57 fighter jet is done. Both aircrafts are 5th generation aircrafts but have been developed by two different manufacturers and politically opposed countries. The F-35 was designed and manufactured in the United States while the Sukhoi-57 was developed in Russia. The F-35 was first developed and the Sukhoi-57 was developed in response to the F-35. The paper will therefore compare the design and performance of the two fighter jets.

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