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Contributions Which Engineers Could Make To Energy Conservation (Essay Sample)


it is about the contributions that engineers can make towards saving energy


Contributions Which Engineers Could Make To Energy Conservation
Contributions Which Engineers Could Make To Energy Conservation
“The physics definition says that energy is a currency that allows you to do work. Work is done when you apply a force over a distance, or transfer energy from one place to another” (What Is Energy and Energy Conservation, 2014). The origin of energy is from the sun and allows plants grow hence beneficial. Energy is very crucial to the lives of people and the universe at large and therefore need to be conserved.
Solar detoxification shows exciting promise for helping us clean up contaminated water, soil, and industrial wastes ( Cynthia et al.,2007, p.58).Whereas every person has a mandate of conserving energy, engineers have the ultimate duty of contributing towards energy conservation. Electronic engineers can design appliances that are energy efficient and then lay them to the market. This include the lighting appliances like bulbs and also the electronic devices like microwaves, heaters, iron boxes, television sets and even radios. Also proper insulating of air leaks will minimize heat loss to the environment.
When designing building structures, architectural engineers can design energy efficient windows like the double panel windows unlike the old flat ones. Engineers should also work towards making machineries that emit less carbon fumes. They should even work towards designing machines that don’t emit carbon fumes and instead embrace an alternative method of environment friendly automotive. For instance, coming up with engines that use solar or electricity efficient is a method that engineers can adopt to conserve energy.
Education is a tool that engineers can use to conserve energy. Engineer are well versed with best applicable practices in conserving energy and therefore should be leading campaigns to the public over the ways they can adopt to conserve energy. Some of the examples include; switching off electronic a...
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