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Critical Analysis Writing Assignment of Colour Application (Essay Sample)




Critical Analysis of Colour Application
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Critical Analysis of Colour Application
Colour is one of the major visual elements applied in final design and it usually used in conveying a given message in applied designs, art, and architectural designs (Weber & Albers, 2013). Colour application is mostly described by different theories that are used to describe how color can be applied efficiently to deliver an intended message to the intended audience. The essay is going to describe how color application both in architecture and in interior design is done by application of different techniques, where the primary seven types of color harmony and color contrast are applied to give different paintings (Friedman & Gonnella, 2014).
Although different theories have been put across to convey a given meaning or a symbolic association, for example, the sky is symbolized by being painted blue, dark on purple (Friedman & Gonnella, 2014). The traditional color is an example of basic appearance that is typically associated with a substance or an object, and in it, the artist maintains a common sense of conviction that he can paint the sky with the blue color. Hence, it can be concluded that blue is the predominant color that represents the sky paintings and it shows the natural colour without ridiculousness.
Over the past, different colours have been used in architectural designs and buildings from the memorial time, and a good example is the Wainwright building that existed between 1890-1891 in St Louis, the USA that applied color painting (Broadbent, 2004). The building was made of red brick façade, and it contained offices that were painted in different colors to distinguish them. Also, the Villa Savoye that existed between 1928 to 1931, was painted in white color and it was painted in white mainly to give an emphasize that it highly contrasted with the natural environment (Weber & Albers, 2013).
By the last quarter of a 21st century, the color application becomes an important tool in the art of the architecture in western countries (Starmer, 2012). Color application in this period comprised of a combination of different colors that were applied to convey different meanings. Currently, architectural and interior designs appreciate the role played by color in the multiplicity of functions (Klaus, 2014). Examples of the current roles of the color application include: a form of expression used to improve the experience of the built environment, in the mitigation of the visual effect of all built environment, as signaling and communication devices, as architectural designs, and it contributes in the sense of places and also in heritage values (Linda, 2013).
Also, some specific colors are used in design to provide a specific style, for example; colors are applied in the architectural world currently in both postmodernist and modernist architecture. During the early modernist, colors commonly used were achromatic (black and grey) and white colors. For example, the Walter Gropius Bauhaus building of the early 1929, Rose Seidler House of 1948 and that of 1991, Kharry Soldier's of Australia Square of the late 1967, and the Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye of the great Paris building of 1929 are good example of the early modernist building that applied color in their design (Broadbent, 2004).
Postmodern architects that contain wide range of design elements are observed to be more innovative and creative about the achromatic colors that are mostly replaced by new, stronger and vivid colors. Some of the known examples of a postmodern building that uses the color application in their design are, the New Orleans of 1978, the Philio Cox in the Sydney of 1991 among others. Color application is also a major part of interior design since when it applied it create a contrast of extension that results in the good focus of the minimal extension of the interior design and it results in both intensity and medium contrast that ensures there is good movement in the piece of work (Adams, Stone & Noreen, 2008).
During color application, the Listen color wheel is used to determine the correct ratio for color combination and the resulting color. The best color output is achieved by applying opposite colors in the wheel, for example, orange is used with blue, red with green and yellow with purple. Other colors are believed to contain high and low saturation regarding intensity and their purity while the last category has high or low tonal values like light or dark (Starmer, 2012).
Color harmony is also an important aspect of color application where it believed to be a major concept in color designing and their final use. The stochastic phenomenon or the idiographic theory is the major color harmony theory, and it applied as a predicting tool or as a universal phenomenon in the selection of color application (Starmer, 2012). Color harmony is believed to be a universal phenomenon if it is absolute and immutable, with the general application without personal differences if its cultural, temporal or perceptual factors. The idiographic that is believed to be more of individualist compared to predictability which is less and hence is a subjective issue (Linda, 2013).
Hence, that the reason why the aesthetic response to color is affected by various factors.
The major categories of color harmony are the achievement of visual comfort, ensuring proportional arrangement of colors, mathematical and geometric order, ensure similarities of colour and visual attributes and ensuring a proper balance of opposites. Hence, color harmony gives a relationship with factors that influences the color perception such as prevailing context, individual differences, perceptual effects and influences of design and time, cultural experiences and the social trends among other factors (Adams, Stone & Noreen, 2008). Due to the above factor...
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