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Disaster Investigations for System Engineers (Essay Sample)


The sample revolves around disaster investigations by system engineers that result in understanding the disaster and its causes and how that helps improve future designs' safety and efficiency. The sample also explains the responsibilities of system engineers in prospect designs and ways to prevent future disasters.


Disaster Investigations for System Engineers
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Disaster Investigations for System Engineers
A system engineer applies extensive engineering disciplines in all aspects of product design and development to ensure effectiveness and safety in the final product. However, the engineers' maximum process effort never guarantees absolute safety and efficiency. The final products are susceptible to accidents and disasters. System engineers need a better and less subjective understanding of the causes of disasters and ways to prevent them in the future. Conducting investigations helps system engineers understand a disaster and its causes, improve future designs' performance and efficiency, and maximize safety.
The explosive growth of digital technology complicates the fields of system safety, especially in engineering. Today, engineers must consult system engineers extensively before approval in the production of instruments to prevent potential disasters. Disaster inquiries help system engineers understand a tragedy's leading cause and minor details related to the occurrence. Comprehending these details of the disaster is essential owing to the changing nature of accidents today (Bahr, 2014). The investigations help distinguish between mechanical failure and human error as the primary cause of any tragedy. The engineers can determine whether the accident was because of an individual component 

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