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Identification And Discussion Of The Problems Experienced In Aviation (Essay Sample)


The paper was about various problems that are experienced in aviation. The task was to identify the problem and discuss it.


Safety in Aviation
Institutional Affiliation
Safety in Aviation
Statement of the Problem
Safety is one of the major issues facing aviation in the contemporary world. Pilots have historically been known to cause errors, which may sometimes be fatal when taking back control of the aircraft from the autopilot system that is generally highly effective. The autopilot system works so well that humans rarely assume control of the aircraft except during takeoff and landing. Various players in the industry have formulated several measures that strive to improve safety in aviation. Since the 1990s, new training regimes have been introduced in an effort to improve aviation safety. The cases highlight the importance of safety issues in aviation and some of the challenges that companies in the industry face as they try to improve aviation safety (Barnett, 2010).
Human factors are one of the major aircraft safety hazards. The pilot may be misled by information on a printed document, such as a map, which may lead to an accident. The pilot may also react to a faulty instrument or indicator, which may have dire consequences. Stalling, which refers to increasing the angle of attack of an aircraft such that the wings do not produce enough lift, is also one of the factors that may lead to accidents. The probability of an acc

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