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Process Architecture Map: A Tool Used In The Performance Of A Task (Essay Sample)



Architectural Designing Student’s Name: Institution: Date: Process Architecture Map A process architecture map is a tool used in the performance of a task; it assists in marking every stage that is to be worked. The process map provides the know-how about the individual who is supposed to carry out the duty (Agrawal et al. 2016). It also gives all information in writing that is related to the task, provides direction on the various ways which can be used to carry out the work, shows how the function is, and shows the connectivity of one role to the other. In stage mapping, you can note a task by the use of a square or a ‘D’ shaped object, or a diamond shape. It gives a clear way on which all the activities are related, and the personnel involved can note the various methods that can be used to end the task. If there is any improvement stated then circles are used to indicate and they are placed in the upper left-hand corner of every function. The process map can improve performance, bring a little development or bring no change. N-squared Diagram N-Squared diagrams assist me showing the various levels of the system elements. Lines are drawn down the grid to mark the system element. The connection of components can be displayed in the box similar to the one shown on the north-south position or the east-west position of the drawing. It is noted that the elements are adding value to the other and therefore they are independent. This is pointed out in the upper right half of the drawing. The relationships that can be identified are either one element is an input to another aspect. The lower left-hand half of the picture shows that one factor is as a result of the other (Agrawal et al. 2016). As identified in figure 13, in the N- squared diagram the delivery system is noted and the connection is pointed out by the use of ‘x.’ Others are neither inputs or outputs, therefore, indicated as black deem. In the delivery system diagram, it is noted that placed order is of much help to many elements for them to succeed. At the end completed delivery was output for the system to deliver. In conclusion, it is noted that N- the squared diagram is of much assistance in identifying the relationship between the elements and how they mutually assist each other in their production. It is essential to note this so that should a break down arise then it will be a simple task to identify where the system failed. Therefore, a correction can be done. The receipt after a finalized delivery was a collective output of the system elements. System Analysis Evaluating engineering data and artifacts is one of the fundamental duties that a system engineer has to perform. They are made during the system engineering process. The procedure definition is at the core of the system analysis, giving ways and criteria to interpret the procedure based on the system needs and also to define design properties of each answer about the methods used. To be able to gather much and to show the legality of the marks acquired and to identify the best ways to address the gaps (Agrawal et al. 2016). Effectiveness Analysis An engineering process performance is measured using this method but not limited to, performance, utilization, reliability, processing ability, durability environment, etc. The big picture should be looked at during analyzing to make sure that decision does not arrive through some scanty information gathered but a detailed procedure should be carried out to make sure that everything put in consideration. Such should consider bringing across a system that can serve several purposes since maintenance will be cheap compared to a system that can only help one single goal thus bringing in board so many systems (Agrawal et al. 2016). Disposal and Retirement Plan During the process of making an order, the engineer should have in mind that the system will one day become of less use. Therefore requiring to be disposed of, having noted this it is necessary to put across a simple way in which this system will be eliminated imposing less cost to the disposer and causing no harm to the environment to avoid pollution and ensure the safety of the livelihoods living around the area (Agrawal et al. 2016). Identification of the concerned parties should be carried out by use of a disposal order and the involved parties be delivered. System Engineering Management Plan System Engineering Management plan is a document written by a developer. It lays out the system and shows all the fields that are needed for the system to operate. A table is of content is used to indicate the picture of what is in the document. The materials are specific to the system mentioned, and therefore there are no specified topics. Before starting any design, a system engineering management plan has to be put across. Assessment and Control Plan This system and engineering plan have been created to help in a brin...
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