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Nanotechnology In Medicine, Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (Figure 2E) (Essay Sample)


Nanotechnology in curing bacteria


Nanomaterials possessing superparamagnetic properties, such as iron oxide nanoparticles (Figure 2E), can be directed in situ using a magnetic field – potentially to the site of infection. Iron oxide nanoparticles have been used for numerous biomedical applications, such as for the separation of biomolecules from bacteria or delivery of antibiotics and drugs, with simultaneous enhancement of MRI contrast.42–44 For in vivo applications, regional magnetic targeting has been used to increase the local concentration of certain magnetic materials in one body compartment (for example, the brain or upper or lower body).
A study by Chertok et al focused on improving drug uptake across the BBB using 100 nm superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (S

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