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The Pros Of Genetic Engineering: Foods, Animals, Humans (Essay Sample)


WHAT ARE THE Pros of Genetic Engineering


Pros of Genetic Engineering
Pros of Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering refers to the process of altering the nature and structure of genes in foods, animals, or humans using techniques such as transformation and molecular cloning(Piguet & Poindron, 2012). It, therefore, involves addition or modification of an organism’s DNA to bring about a desired transformation. Even though the pros of genetic engineering may not be, at first insight, apparent as the disadvantages, but further inspection reveals a number of benefits associated with the process that can only be achieved if scientists consider studying and advancing genetic engineering(Piguet & Poindron, 2012). Genetic engineering provides effective ways for tackling and defeating diseases. Some of the most difficult and deadly diseases that have for a long time resisted destruction could be easily handled through the use of genetic engineering(Piguet & Poindron, 2012). Genetic engineering can also help in preventing illnesses in unborn and young children. All children would, therefore, be born strong and healthy with no illnesses present at birth.
The process of genetic engineering can also be utilized to help individuals who risk transmitting terribly degenerative illnesses to their unborn children. Genetic engineering also has the potential of being used to help people live longer(Piguet & Poindron, 2012). With genetic engineering, some of the most basic reasons for the decline of humans’ body on a cellular level could be reversed, resulting in enhanced life span as well as the quality ...
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