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Differences between the Daily Lives of Teenagers Today and 100 years Ago (Essay Sample)


This paper looks at the differences between the life of teenagers today and 100 years ago.


Differences between the Daily Lives of Teenagers Today and 100 years Ago
Differences between the Daily Lives of Teenagers Today and 100 years Ago
Technology advancement has boosted the industrial production process and also mobility of labour. Globalisation on the other hand has changed communication all over the world and has made it possible for socio and political exchange. Therefore the society today and those 100 years ago are almost incomparable given the great revolution brought by technology. Today teenagers are overexposed to technological advancements and are rely more on technology to carry out their daily activities. This is well exhibit he one takes a look at the young youths preoccupations, behaviours hobbies as well as how this group utilises its free time (Babbie, 2001). There is much difference if you compare this to 100 years ago. This paper is meant to give a comparison of daily life of teenagers today and that of daily life of teenagers a century ago.
In today’s world, teenagers rely on various technological gadgets such as Television sets, computers, Tablets, mobile phones and other gadgets which use is widely accept both in schools and homes. The education system has become more inclined to use of technology. The teenagers have a great reliance o technology in their day to day activities. Today traditional way o...
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