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Why do Americans watch so much television? (Essay Sample)

This essay focuses on the key reason as to why America watch much television. source..
Why do Americans watch so much television? Name Institution Tutor American spends on average four hours a day watching television though, television remains on more than seven hours a day. However, working and sleeping takes more time than watching on average. Children spend 1200-1800 hours a year watching than the one spent in school (Moon, 2007). Many parents perceive watching as the only secured and unmonitored activities left for their kids. The media carries off the most of parents' minds in recent decades and become unbothered of the issue. This much watching may also come as a result of boredom and lack of stimuli obtained from other walks of life. The television watching has become the crucial part of American entertainment, so for many people, it is their major source of inspiration and...
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