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Transformational Leadership Style (Essay Sample)


This paper should be a reflection of your leadership style, using your five strengths as identified by Strengths-finder 2.0, your experiences, and the literature on transformational leadership. The following criteria will be used to evaluate this paper:


Transformational Leadership Style
Transformational Leadership Style
A leader in an organization gives directions and motivates the people he manages to effectively perform their duties. There are a number of leadership styles such as situational, transactional and transformational leadership styles. The transformational leader is the one that inspire positive change to the people under him/her. A transformational leader is passionate, energetic and enthusiastic. The leader understands the vision of the organization and conveys the information to the followers appropriately. The leader prioritizes group interest over self interest by encouraging followers to participate in decision making. A transformational leader enhances cooperation among the staff, a virtue that will evolve me advanced practice nurse as I exhibit theses five strengths namely, learner, achiever, input intellectual and context.
The concept of transformational leadership was founded by James MacGregor Burns. Burns argues that a transformational leader is evident from the rising morale and motivation of his employees (Stewart, 2006). The leader has a strong vision and personality that inspire followers to change their prospects, perception and enthusiasm to achieve better results. Bernard M. Bass developed Burns idea of transformational leadership by creating a transformational leadership theory which states that the impact of leadership is evidenced on the people that follow him (Bass, 2000). Bass added that transformational leaders garner respect, trust and admiration from their followers. According to Burns, transformational leaders are friendly such that their followers feel free to talk to them (Shadraconis, 2013). They recognize individual contributions and promote support relationships.
I like advancing my skills to improve my performance by taking up every available opportunity to learn. For example, before enrolling to college I pursued a leadership course to acquire advanced skills adequate to lead a community group I was heading. The group was involved in environment conservation particular tree planting. Though the course was engaging being that I had to be with my followers and attend the sessions, I realized that the group would still perform their duties effectively in my absence. My followers had internalized my ideas, a strong pillar I learned about a transformational leader.
As a leader in my group, I set realistic goals and lay down strategies to achieve them. Ronald E. Riggio, a psychologist and leadership expert states that transformational leaders are high performers and receive satisfaction from their duties compared to other leaders (Riggio, 2009). This is because they believe their followers have the potential to achieve the laid out goals causing them to feel empowered and recognized.
I consider my followers input in decision making on any project we carry out. This develops charisma with the followers. Allowing other people input has enabled me to realize that there is no great or small idea. A great idea is developed from small ideas which other leaders such as autocratic leaders considers irrelevant. To show my followers that their input is similarly important as mine, I contribute to everything my followers do regardless of the task level. For example, while my group was planting tree, I was among those preparing the planting ground and watering the trees besides supervising the whole process.
I have strength in intellectual simulation where I encourage any culture that would bring change in an organization. For example, I challenged my discussion group to be carrying out personal studies in the morning and discussion later in the day because in the morning hours, the mind is fresh to understand independently. Though this had been the culture in the institution, my idea made more than ten groups re-schedule their discussion groups from morning hours to evening hours.
I deal with issues depending on the context of their happening instead of solving them with relational events. This enables my followers to communicate to me freely and widens their hopes that everything will be solved. Dealing with issues contextually enables a transformational leader to gain a fresh experience of resolving conflicts
Transformational leadership style will evolve me as an advanced practice nurse ...
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