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Phone Argument (Essay Sample)


College (1-2 years: Freshmen, Sophomore) Subject or discipline: English 101 Title: PHONE ARGUMENT Number of sources: 1 Provide digital sources used: No Paper format: APA # of pages: 2 Spacing: Double spaced # of words: 550


Formal piece
Communication has been made easier by technology in the modern world. The internet and cell phones are some of the mediums of communication that came with the advancement in technology. However, some people abuse the usage of these services by not adhering to the communication etiquettes. I always get pissed off whenever I hear about a person crossing the boundaries of formal phone calls by indulging into arguments. Well, I am observant and my many rounds in different offices have equipped me with an experience of arrogant bosses talking badly on official duty calls. I came across a formal phone conversation that captivated my attention with the professionalism in the talk (Oliveira, 2013).
The telephone rings and the receiver, seemingly a secretary, she calmly receives mentioning the name of the company and asks for the caller’s identity in a kind manner. My sharp ears hear the receiver identifying himself and asking for one Natalie Jones. The secretary confirms to the caller that Natalie Jones is not at his desk but she can gladly pass any message. The caller reveals that he would like Natalie to call her back and he gives his office number out. This is after the secretary asks the caller whether Natalie has his number or not. It turns out that Natalie has the caller’s personal number only. Thus, the caller gives the office number for official communication. I like the flow of the conversation since both the caller and the receiver are concise. This is the way a formal phone call must be, devoid of baseless arguments (Oliveira, 2013).
Managers and secretaries of companies should never engage a caller in an argument, instead they should be straight to the point about the availability and scarcity of something the caller wants.
Informal piece
Informal telephone conversations can involve all manner of arguments, abuses and long laughter. The talk can involve everyday activities that people do. I saw an informal conversation that caught my eye entailing an advertisement (IVFFTC, 2014)
The caller (Joan) is a family friend to the receiver (Charles) and she calls to ask about hotels. Joan was not to go for a holiday in Brighton with her whole family. It turns out that Charles does not know of any suitable hotel in Brighton that she can go to spend the holiday. He has been to the place but always uses a tent for his holiday. Charles reveres the memories of Brighton and the use of tents by saying that tents are good for open air. However, Joan tells Charles that her family is quite big and it is late to book for a hotel. That is when Charles asks her if she has checked on any hotel adverts (IVFFTC, 2014)
Joan reveals that in deed, she read a magazine and saw a hotel just outside Brighton. After a long talk about the hotel’s location and quality of services, Joan agrees to try it. This is a conversation that flows smoothly since both parties are discussing without arguments. It is an informal but friendly conversati...
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