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No Smoking in Burkeville Texas (Essay Sample)


Health Care Title: No smoking in Burkeville Texas Number of sources: 1 Provide digital sources used: No Paper format: APA # of pages: 1 Spacing: Double spaced # of words: 275 # of slides: ppt icon 0 Paper details: Assume that we are creating a community organizing effort to begin solving the issue of “No Smoking in Any Location in (Your Home Town).\" Then, each student will assume different roles such as health educator, tobacco farmer, avid smoker, avid nonsmoker, a retailer who sells tobacco, a restaurant owner, and any other role that might be interesting. Each student will present his or her point of view on the issue. Briefly discuss the steps of the community organization process considering the view points of student.


No Smoking in Burkeville Texas
Role of the Health Educator in Smoking Control
Smoking is a very major issue in most countries in the world today. This is because the menace has been a thorn in the flesh to many development programs in these countries as a result of the loss of lives due to this habit by most individuals. Every health worker has a role play in the plight to find ways that are important in the management of the smoking and tobacco use in most economies. The smoking of tobacco inflicts a lot of burden in the health care program of most countries (Ojeda, 2002).
This problem thus needs three major avenues that could be used in order to help reduce the whole saga in the health sector. These are the prevention, cessation and the protection strategies. The prevention strategies take the ways that would aim at the availability of information that would be important in the stopping of any new cases of smoking that may rise from the community. The cessation program aims at the ways of preventing further use of the tobacco by those that are already in the practice in one way or the other. Finally, the protection laws aims at protecting the individuals in the society who are non smokers yet could be affected by the smokers in the society (Ojeda, 2002).
As a result of the above, health educators have some roles to play in the control of tobacco smoking in most communities. These include the education programs that are aimed at instilling the strategies that would help in the cessation of the practice of tobacco smoking. They are also responsible for the provision of the professional development programs for the health care providers in...
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