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Acquisition Cycle and Process: Ethics in Government Contracting (Essay Sample)


After completing the readings for the week, offer your perspective on what is contract management, the contract life cycle, and contracting compitencies. consider the four supply chain aligment configurations discussed in the dynamic supply text. the four supply chain configurations are lean supply chains, agile supply chains, fully flexible supply chains, and continuous replenishment supply chain chains. Please review the powerpoint regarding an overview of program management and the overview regarding ethical behaviors in government contracting.


Contract Management
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Contract Management
Contract management is a complex process that every party should honor during the managing of conditions, deadlines, and deliverables that apply to a contract thus ensuring that terms and conditions have been embraced as the other party benefits from satisfaction (Brunet & César, 2021). A well-defined management process has always facilitated the observation of the contract life cycle that entails creating, executing, and putting emphasis on meeting the deadline of a contract. Contract life cycle, thus, refers to every step

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