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Agora (Essay Sample)


The task entailed a descriptive analysis of Agora

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Agora Agora is a film set on the ancient Christian times. The film was directed by Alejandro and written by Mateo Gil with the assistance from the producer (Mayer, 2010). Now in reference to the event, various individuals resulting in different influences have assumed different interpretations. In fact, this particular piece is a perfect example of the ways in which historical change can be applied on particular events to alter the ancient data with varying reasons in mind. However, by referring to the common tale on the event, we understand the following events to have taken center-stage in the execution of the main flow of the plot of the story. The event of Agora that took place in March 415 remains a significant occurrence among the historical events of many Christians. Its significance is associated with the murdering of powerful philosopher known as Hypatia. The murder takes a centre stage in the history of Christians as the event took place around 24 years after Christians attacked a pagan temple, dedicated to the god known as Serapis. The place was commonly referred to as Serapeum and was spiritually accorded as a place of significant traditional symbolism as it was the same place that individuals dedicated their sacrifices to their god. However, it is important to note that the events surrounding the death of Hypatia and the extent to which the Christian bishop of Alexandria was involved remains a controversial issue that has evoked different reactions from a variety of individuals (Mayer, 2010). From the storyline, the audience can understand that circumstances around the murder of Hypatia are as a result of the attack of Christians on the pagan temple. Nonetheless, keenly following the story would depict a different story emerging that refers to the killing as a symbol of an end to an era. As such, it is viewed as an end of the Classical antiquity period where the intellectual life of Alexandria as a city was dealt a heavy blow (Michael, 1978). However, a clear line manifests showing that there existed a conflict of interests among prominent individuals in Alexandria. The murder of Hypatia, therefore, was intended to be a sign of dominion by one party to another. This phenomenon is clearly manifested in the film so that these attributes are evident in the flow of the major plot of the story. Through the film, it is also clear that religion, politics and personality played a critical role in instigating the plot of the murder of Hypatia and the city’s violence in general. It can be deduced that the political dominion of the city is the subject of contention through which crime is instigated. The bishop is insecure of his position as the figurehead of the city in the rise of intellectual supremacy evoked through Hypatia’s growing importance. She is an acknowledged philosopher with vast knowledge on Mathematics. Furthermore, her devotion to magic seems to cause much negative influence to the advancement of Christianity in the region. As such, it is clear that she stands in the way of promotion of Christianity among the citizens considering that her fame is quickly rising. The various actors in the film are motivated by various factors that can be used in the description of their specific traits in the film. Take Hypatia, for example, she is a knowledgeable person who is motivated by a desire to relate her philosophical concepts to life. More to that, she is outspoken and quickly appeases the masses through her charismatic actions. This particular trait is apparent through her teaching classes. Through the trait borrowed from her father, she is capable of expanding her knowledge as well as that of her students who come to appreciate of her expansive authority over the subjects of science, in particular philosophical studies. Her dedication in promoting the advancement of knowledge is paramount and apparent on watching the film. Another character that is evident in ...
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