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Analysis of the Investment Interest in Walgreens (Essay Sample)


Pick a nice room. By that I mean one that is large enough to fit everyone in comfortably and that’s got enough power sockets. Everyone brings a device along these days and they all need plugging in.
Understand the room’s heating and lighting controls. You don’t want people getting fidgety because they forgot their jacket – you want them concentrating on your amazing project deliverable.
If you are doing your demo via a web conference, get the software set up well before you expect everyone else to join the call. Test your microphone and headset and make sure you can share control of the screen with your co-presenters if you have any.


To: Professor Bergman
From: (Fill in Student Name)
Date: April 7th, 2021
Re: Investment Interest in Walgreens
In this memo, I am going to analyze the financial situation of CVS Health and Walgreen companies based on the following financial facets: profitability, solvency and liquidity more ranging from 2017 to 2019. In addition I am also going to explore the suitability of the named companies in investment in relation to ratio analysis and its effectiveness in service delivery.
To begin with, observing the assets projection in Walgreens from 2017 it’s evident that the company has been has a highly motivated reputation in conducting financial transactions on the basis of pharmaceuticals and beauty products (Greenwood et al 2018). Its long term experience in the stock exchange market have made it develop new trading techniques like the use of technology in marketing its products locally and even overseas. 

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