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Annotated Bibliography of Theoretical Framework Article (Essay Sample)


Annotated Bibliography of Theoretical Framework Article
Schoorman, F. D., Mayer, R. C., & Davis, J. H. (2007). An integrative model of organizational trust: Past, present, and future. Academy of Management Review, 32(2), 344–354.
The annotated bibliography must include:
· Summary
· Analysis and critique
· Application


Annotated Bibliography
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Schoorman, F. D., Mayer, R. C., & Davis, J. H. (2007). An integrative model of organizational trust: Past, present, and future. Academy of Management Review, 32(2), 344–354.
This article reviews some of the essential concerns of trust and offers extensions and clarifications of the themes of analysis levels, control systems, time, measurement, and reciprocity. It also assesses recent studies in contemporary trust fields, for instance, emotion, affects, distrust, repair and violation, cross-cultural and international concerns, and context detailed theories in addition to recognizing promising opportunities for studies in the future.
The authors revisit past research and argue that all three aspects of benevolence, ability, and integrity can add to organization or group trust. A good example is the relationship between a supplier and a buyer. The customer can trust that the supplier can offer promptly quality service or goods. Nevertheless, this only presumes that the dealer could accomplish. Therefore the dealer will not essentially be trusted. The insight that the dealer has integrity implies that it will accomplish contracts as promised. However, even though there is a contract, if the ability of the dealer to accomplish is uncertain, trust will not be there. If the dealer is alleged as benevolent, it will establish a robust desire to accomplish the specific needs of the buyer. In summary, the piece establishes that organizations and groups can both bring in trust from a different group and trust different groups.
By comprising a time consideration, trust research should result in more foreseeable outcomes. The interaction of control systems, risk, and trust remains to be a much-discoursed theme. The article views control systems and trust as a substitute and, at times, harmonious means for risk management. The conception concerning trust reciprocity has been extended to plainly distinguish the idea that, unlike the constructs of relational leadership, trust is not essentially reciprocal or even mutual. The trust measures that have been established founded on the authors’ description of trust have established mixed outcomes concerning the reliability estimates of internal consistency.
Moreover, the article explores new advances and developments in the field of measurement and has established the necessity for constant enhancement. Noticeable among the new research directions is the addition of the emotion and affect role, repair, and trust violations. The authors trust that these construct

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