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Core Determinants of Health (Essay Sample)


explain how the core determinants of health are impacting the
health of your target population utilizing the picture below. Note that you
should briefly review all of the determinants and then choose the ones that
impact your target (my target group is drug and alcohol abused
patients) group to talk about in the assignment.


Core Determinants of Health
Institutional Affiliation
Core Determinants of Health
Health is a vital aspect of consideration for almost every individual in society. This defines why many individuals in society strive to achieve a good health status by being keen wth their lifestyle modifications. Different aspects influence health status, all of which revolve around economic, biological, ecological, and sociocultural spheres. Most of the health determinants are highly adjustable by individuals striving to achieve better and more improved health. The target group, in this case comprising drug and alcohol abuse patients, should consider various determinants of health affecting their health, including social environment, health services, personal health practices, and social networks that provide relevant support.
Social health determinants are crucial in defining the health status of individuals or communities. According to (2020), different factors govern the health of a person or public, including environment, genetics, and environment. However, (2020) further stresses that various characteristics linked to a community might end up influencing the health of the people. There are several core determinants of health, including social environment, income and community position, culture, health facilities, a social support network, individual health practices, physical environment, education and literacy, biology and genetics endowment, education and literacy, and healthy childhood development (Amit, 2020). All these factors will, at one point, influence the health of an individual or community.
In relation to the target group, several factors affect drug and alcohol abuse patients. Amit (2020) claims that where possible, many individuals can prevent adverse health complications that affect them. Amit (2020) further points out that some individuals who have underlying health conditions tend to go against the instructions of health professionals made to make their lives better. In the healthcare domain, many patients are not able to establish personal health practices and coping skills that favor their health. Drug and alcohol abuse patients can prevent adverse health complications and improve the status of their health. These patients have to understand that lifestyle moderations are a summation of personal choices, some hard decisions that will affect their economic, social, and environmental aspects on the nature of decisions they make concerning their life.
Drug and alcohol abuse patients require appropriate health services, a robust social support network, and a social setting, which will help in making their lives better. Accessibility to health services is an essential element to every person as it helps an individual achieve a stable health condition (Islam, 2019). For drug and alcohol abuse patients, it is essential to consider assessing their healthcare situations and the availability of health services that affect the nature of their health. Besides, a good social support network from family members, friends, and communities is vital to better the lives of the drug and alcohol abuse patients. Through social support provision, there is the delivery of emotional reassurance that will make the patients free to disclose their problems and make better life decisions that will improve their health status. Social responses play a vital role in providing motivating information and setting that makes an individual respond positively to changes fostering good health (Daniel, Bornstein, &

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