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Ares God Of War (Essay Sample)


it was ares role in greek literature

Ares God of War
Ares is a god of war in the Greek mythology. He was the son of Zeus (the king of the gods) and Hera (the goddess of marriage). Ares was the most powerful but detested god on Olympus. His birth was after the Great War and developed into a vicious and fearsome man. Ares had a brother Hephaestus (god of artisanship) and three sisters Hebe, Eileithyia, and Athena. However, Ares did not relate well with his siblings especially his sister Athena. As such, Athena and Ares fought many battles against each other. He did not care for anything else but fighting in wars and sexual escapades.
The Greeks respected Ares but were tentative about his devotion to them. Though he provided the physical presence that was important for successful battles, he posed an imminent and real threat to the Greeks because of his insatiable thirst for war (Burkert 113). He was determined to kill as many people as possible. Association with Ares presented a savagery, treacherous, and armed situation. Nevertheless, his status as a god of war is in doubt after his defeat in the Trojan War.
Ares role in Greek mythology is limited as provided in literature. However, it is noteworthy that literary narratives refer to his many love affairs with women. The most prominent affair is the one Ares had with Aphrodite, the wife of his brother. The two got in the affair whenever Hephaestus was away. However, Helios (the god of the son) caught Ares and Aphrodite making love and reported the treachery to Hephaestus. Hephaestus stitched a trap and placed it strategically to catch his bother and Aphrodite in the act. The spider silk net trap entrapped Ares and Aphrodite while making love. Hephaestus invited all the gods and goddesses in Olympia to witness the spectacle. It is important to note that only the gods came to witness. Ares run away for fear of reprisal from Hephaestus. Following the treacherous act, Aphrodite became pregnant and bore a daughter by the name of Armonia (Smith 40).
The Spartans considered Ares as a hero for his unrivalled physical strength, resilience, and fighting intelligence. Because of his might and fearsome characteristics, the Spartans adored Ares and often offered him human sacrifice. Before any big battle, various sides worshipped Ares hoping that he would decide to fight alongside those whom he felt adored him more. An example of the way people worshipped him before battle is the manner in which the Greeks and the Trojans worshipped and brought him sacrifices before the Trojan War (Hansen 113).
Ares fought numerous battles including the Trojan War. He aligned himself with the Trojans even though his sister Athena fought alongside the Greeks. In the War, Athena seriously wounded Ares and the latter had to retreat to mount Olympus where his father took care of him (Oeming 40).
Ares was the first god of Olympia to face trial for murder. His trial followed the killing of Halirrhothius. Ares had caught Halirrhothius attempting to rape Alkippe, Ares’ daughter (Daly 7). Poseidon, the father of the deceased accused Ares for murder and the authorities arrested and tried him. The trial was before t...
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