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Autobiography as a person in colonial times (Essay Sample)

Consulting the assigned readings, films, and websites and any other material you have at your disposal, you are to develop a 1,000-word autobiographical narrative about your life and experiences as an ordinary person living in colonial America during either the 17th or 18th century. Discussing your life within the span of ten years you should describe who you are (ethnicity, gender, age, marital status), where you live, your family composition, your standing in the community, your occupational work skills, religion, recreational outlets, and finally your perspectives on whether you are optimistic about your life, its limitations, and what the future holds for you. Essays should be historically accurate and your autobiography should include verifiable sources. If for example you decide to be a cobbler then include the sources that you used to learn about the cobbler? source..
My Life in America Your name Name of Professor School affiliation Date The most memorable days of my life were when I had just turned 16 years of age, and that was in 1716. The reason why this year is so memorable to me is because that was the first day I saw a black man. At this time of the year, the first group of black people arrived in Louisiana, (Taylor, 2013). My father, Jean Claude, later told me that we would have some of the black people working for us. We had large tracts of land which were prolific and there were a lot of profits after sales were made. The land sufficed to be our main source of income then as we started off on our new life in Louisiana. When my father left France for America, he had no idea where to go to. All he did was travel around and at last he felt that Louisiana was the place for him. The topography of the place must have attracted him, and he always wanted to be near so as to be close to the forests and be able to enjoy the view of the Mississippi river. They had already settled down when I was conceived, in 1700. My parents got married while in France but had sought a new life in America. Louisiana hadn’t been the best of the choices they had made, according to me, but as I grew up, I started getting used to it. So much was going on then, there were a lot of people coming in and out of America, both slaves and white settlers from other continents. As a young child, all I could do was be at my father’s side and listen to how he was planning to grow this and that, wanting to become a great man in the history of America. There was so much to learn from my father. He used to know so much that was going on in the outside world. For example, as much as my father wanted to become a farmer, there was nothing much going on in Louisiana in terms of economy, (World mark Encyclopedia of the States. 2007). My father used to tell us, tha...
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