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Behavioral Management and the Structure of an Organization (Essay Sample)


Term Paper Instructions:
Your textbook is designed to cover the three broad topics of Behavior Management (1) individual behavior; (2) group behavior; and (3) the structure of an organization. Therefore, this method is how we will approach the term paper.
Choose one (or two) Fortune 500 companies. Write a brief introduction of your company and then write a minimum of 500 words for each of the 3 major sections listed below. You will then write a minimum of 100 words as a summary section. You must have a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed reference for each section, for a total of 6 peer-reviewed references.
Required: 100 words
Recommendation: Complete this section by the end of Week 3
Required: 500 words and 2 peer reviewed references for this section
Topics that may be included:
Personality, Perception, and Attribution
Attitudes, Emotions, and Ethics
Motivation at Work
Learning and Performance Management
Stress and Well-Being at Work
Recommendation: Complete this section by the beginning of Week 5
Required: 500 words and 2 peer reviewed references for this section
Topics that may be included:
Work Teams and Groups
Decision Making by Individuals and Groups
Power and Political Behavior
Leadership and Followership
Conflict and Negotiation
Recommendation: Complete this section by the middle of Week 6
Required: 500 words and 2 peer reviewed references for this section
Topics that may be included:
Jobs and the Design of Work
Organizational Design and Structure
Organizational Culture
Career Management
Managing Change
Required: 100 words


Behavioral Management - Term paper
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Behavioral Management - Term paper
Organizational behavior management (OBM) applies all the behavioral principles set to govern organizations and groups. Ideally, the concept of OBM is the intersection between the behavioral sciences and the improvement needs in a given organizational environment. In this view, an organizational application of the applied behavioral analysis involves various techniques to develop socially acceptable behaviors in resolving multiple behavioral problems. ABA and experimental behavioral analysis are part of behavioral sciences in the conceptual underpinning of behaviorisms. The focus of OBM is the execution of practical strategies developed to implement change acceptance behaviors instead of the personality traits of high performers. The paper explores Apple and Amazon to explain behavioral management as a factor of their organizational cultures and business success.
Background Information
Businesses like Apple and Amazon have developed unique corporate cultures based on the applied behavioral analysis (ABA) models as they believe the culture develops and maintains their approach. At Apple Inc, the organizational culture is a critical factor to success, and Apple links it to employee behavior. Apple Inc establishes and maintains a human resource managing corporate culture that enables various strategic objectives. Similarly, amazon promotes agile enthusiasm on the big team and supports strong leadership for all experimental leaders. Indeed, Amazon has been cultivating leadership in all-new leaders through the seduction of the corporate culture. The two organizations are perfect in the study of corporate behavioral management.

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