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Blue Winds Dancing Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The paper discusses the different parts of the novel "Blue Wings Dancing." The essay describes the narrator's struggle to blend into the white culture, but finally realizes his culture.


Blue Winds Dancing
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“Blue Winds Dancing”
In the narrative “Blue Winds Dancing,” the author uses a relatively common form of structure to depict the expedition of an Indian gentleman (narrator). In the book, the author arranges the happenings in a sequential manner; however, the action stops quite regularly to allow the views of the narrator to be heard. The whole story occurs in a number of days, and within the few days, the narrative is divided into several distinct parts, with some of the sections having their own predicament. Additionally, the author carries a primary predicament all through the narrative to maximize the reader’s understanding of the young Indian’s problem. The three sections comprise the character’s school life in California, the journey to his hometown, and his reservation in Wisconsin.

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